Chika Nwankpa

DEGREES: PhD EE, Illinois Institute of Technology
PHONE: 215-895-2218
EMAIL: nwankpa @

Research keywords: power system dynamics, stochastic modeling, power electronic switching systems, optically controlled high power switches


Main research interests are in the areas of power systems and power electronics, specifically, the application of the theory of stochastic systems. Additional projects in power systems include large-scale power system computation by “emulation,” power system restoration, voltage stability assessment, power system load modeling, shipboard power system analysis and renewable power generation systems such as wind and solar generation. In power electronics projects include application of optically controlled high power switches in distribution systems (termed as Custom Power), modeling of basic power electronic circuitry and reconfigurable shipboard power system converters.

Recipient of the 1994 Presidential Faculty Fellow Award for “work in electrical and computer engineering.” Along with the award is a five-year research grant for studies on deregulation of power system operation and control as well as development of a new optically controlled high power switch and distribution system. The grant also fosters development of a new power engineering curricula. Recipient of the 1991 National Science Foundation (NSF) Engineering Research Initiation Award. The research grant from the award fostered studies in the search for “An On-Line Dynamic Security Index for Power System Contingency Selection.”

Sample Publications

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Drexel University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering