Inside an IPSL Station

Inside an IPSL Station

Recent repair work in IPSL (Interconnected Power Systems Laboratory) made it possible to take a look inside an IPSL Station.  The image below shows the front panel of an IPSL Station and the back of the station with the cover removed. Each station contains the connection terminals for:

  • AC  and DC sources
  • Field and armature circuits of the rotating machines
  • Connections to the main transfer panel, where power can be routed to the loads (light bulb banks, inductor carts, and capacitor boxes)
  • Transmission lines and transformers

The actual rotating machines and their protection systems are located behind each IPSL station (not pictured here). Signal conditioning boxes, used to measure sending end and receiving end voltages and currents, sit on top of each IPSL station. Visit the IPSL Lab Page to learn more.

IPSL Station Diagram


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